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How To Treat Your Pimples at Home


A great advantage of pimple home remedies is the fact that many of them are a lot cheaper than products from the supermarket or the drugstore. Of course, there are also some exotic items in the field of home remedies against pimples, but most of the ingredients are usually home, so you can easily prepare your own home remedy.


A key feature of home remedies against pimples is the fact that they can be easily made and applied by everyone. Most home remedies have antibacterial or dehydrating ingredients that help to improve the appearance of the skin.

How To Treat Your Pimples at Home


If you try different home remedies, you should definitely pay attention to which home remedy helps the best. The success can be quite different depending on the body region / problem zone.

Here you will find a list of the most popular home remedies against pimples.

Peeling Mask against pimples

In order to free the skin from old skin cells, which like to fix themselves in the pores, peeling mask are applied. The skin scrub cleans the blocked pores by removing skin cells and stimulating the skin to regenerate skin cells.

Bath additives against pimples

If pimples are formed on the back, buttocks or décolleté through impure skin and clogged pores, a bath with skin-protecting and antibacterial substances and bath additives can quickly contribute to improving the skin’s appearance.

Chamomile against pimples

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The medicinal plant chamomile is used in medicine and natural healing to alleviate a variety of complaints. The essential oils of the chamomile are anti-inflammatory, so the chamomile is a popular home remedy for pimples.

Lemon against pimples

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Lemon is best in fight against pimple because of its disinfecting effect often as a home remedy. This tip is to be enjoyed with caution, because the lemon juice can irritate the skin strongly and the citric acid burns in open pimple wounds.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple can be very effective, both internally and externally. Since the cause of acne can be an over- acidification of the body , every morning a tablespoon of a good apple cider is stirred in a glass of water and drunk soberly. In addition, the vinegar serves to dab the impure spots.

Aloe Vera against pimples

Aloe Vera is an ancient and popular medicinal plant. In the trade, numerous care products are offered against pimples and impure skin, which contain the juice or the gel of the medicinal plant. The best is the fresh aloe vera against pimples.

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Nettle tea against pimples

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Stinging nettles can be used both externally and ingested to exert a positive influence on the skin image and prevent impure skin, which reduces the formation of pimples.

Healing against pimples

A natural home remedy, which is often used to combat pimples and acne, is a healer. Healing removes the skin’s superfluous tissue fluid and helps alleviate the pain and inflammation of pimples.

Steam bath against pimples

Anyone who wants to use the steam bath against impure skin and pimples can take a partial steam bath, if the pimples are for example only on the face. With the use of essential oils and additives, the effect can be intensified.

Honey as a remedy for pimples

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Honey is known as a tried and tested remedy for pimples. Formerly “food of the gods”, honey is now very popular because of its antiseptic effect and is used in various forms for wound treatment.

Apple against pimples

Apple is a low-cost home remedy, which is recommended by many people as very helpful against pimples, blackheads and impure skin due to its antibacterial effect. Crush an apple and apply on the face leave it for few seconds.

Toothpaste against pimples

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Toothpaste helps against pimples – A myth that persists persistently. Toothpaste is good against pimples in theory, but in practice it does not provide any usefulness as a home remedy against pimples. Apply toothpaste on the pimple and leave overnight.

Turmeric against Pimple

Make a turmeric paste with water or rose water and apply on the pimple 3 times a day.