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How to Whiten your Teeth with Home Remedies


First you should even find out why your teeth discolored. Mostly coffee, tea, cigarettes, alcohol and other foods, or even a lack of hygiene is the reason. Furthermore, every person is different: Some tricks will work for you, others do not. Give it a try.




1# Strawberries


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Although it sounds pretty weird, but strawberries can really help you to whiten your teeth. For teeth cleaning you just have to mash the strawberries and apply the paste on your teeth. Wait two minutes and wash.

2# White teeth with baking soda


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Whiten your teeth with baking soda is the classic home remedies of all time. Again and again we read how great the effect is. And indeed affects are great on the tooth when using baking powder you can white and can make discoloration disappear. The toothbrush is humidified and then immersed in the baking powder until all the bristles are covered with the powder. In addition, you scratch with the baking powder, the discoloration of the teeth only superficially from the tooth itself is not bright.

3# Common salt


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The general use salt is great, the same applies as with the whiten teeth with baking soda. The coarse-grained salt attacks the tooth enamel and can also cause mouth irritation. Therefore you should use saline please refrain as whitening method, it does more harm than good.

4# Oil


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For this remedy you should get use to of it because it is not really tasty, the “oil treatment” is brightening as a home remedy for teeth. With this procedure, you take one times a day one tablespoon of olive or sunflower oil through your mouth, comparable to that is by the application with a mouthwash. You “chew” from the oil, suck and pull the oil through your teeth. After a few minutes you spit out the liquid and wash the mouth with water. Whether this application actually has a whitening effect on your teeth, has not been proven to date, this there are no studies or similar. Experts call this approach but as ineffective myth because oil contains no ingredients that have a whitening effect.

5# Eating apple instead of brushing teeth


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You must have heard it before: If you have no toothbrush at the time, then eat an apple. The ingredients you look from an apple, toothpaste have. An apple is consisting essentially of sugar and acid, namely fructose.

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It is true that Apple chew a good interim solution if you can brush your teeth in only two or three hours, for example. By chewing the apple rub the apple pieces (like a toothbrush) to the tooth. This dental plaque is tapped and bacteria will be gone. But you should not miss brushing since it is extremely essential and we have to do it on a daily basis.

Overall apples certainly do no harm, if you promptly brushes teeth afterwards. Whether you really have an effect on the whitening of teeth, but is not confirmed. Again, experts believe that it is a popular myth.

If you often make the application, your teeth over time is always rough, so it is faster vulnerable to new discolorations. In the long term affects the whiten teeth with baking soda So even detrimental, they do not look better, but are much more sensitive.

Since it with baking soda are specifically for use always questions, we have purposely written a separate article for you  whiten teeth with baking soda